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I’m Karen Davey-Winter, and I’m an Executive & Life Coach and Management Consultant. I work exclusively with success-driven individuals, teams, and organizations that are ready to embrace change, improve their impact, and be more successful in both work and in life.
I believe that it’s all about how you show up, the impact you have, and the results that you get. Every person, team and organization has the inner resources to be successful, and my job is to help you unlock those. I am only interested in your success!

Here’s How We Can Work Together


Executive, Career, Life, and Group Coaching for you and your team.


Change Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness, and Workshops.


Project Management and Leadership Training for you and your team.


(Clears throat) I can also speak for your team , organization, or event.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Why Change is Hard

    That 70% of change initiatives fail supports the premise that change is hard. Rick Maurer says “Change is getting harder”. So why is change hard? Let’s look at this from two perspectives – change leaders, and those impacted by the change. Change Leader Perspective Organizations are global – stakeholder engagement across global companies is highly

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  • Myers Briggs for Kids! Understanding your Perceiving Type!

    This is the eighth and final part of the series explaining different personality types in children, based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This is the dichotomy on how we manage our outer world, with Judging on one side (see part seven) and Perceiving on the other side. As I said last time, don’t get

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  • Myers Briggs for Kids! Understanding your Judging Type!

    So, before we start, it’s important to note that people with a J in their four letter Myers Briggs Type are not necessarily any more or less judgmental than anyone else! Judging is one side of the final dichotomy known as our outer world preference, and this is the seventh in an eight part series

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  • About the Book

    In the summer of 2012 my son, Josh, and I drove around the United States. The journey became a project in mindfulness, and formed the basis of my book Life is a Road Trip! A journey into mindfulness.

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